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      Looking to increase your links? First of all, can you handle extra traffic to your site? If so, here is a way to link to me and my site and vice-versa!  Simply copy and paste the link HTML code below so it shows properly as a link somewhere on your site. Then, zip me an  email at rvberrey@topproducer.comto let me know this has been done. I will verify that the link is active and I will link to your site and we will have reciprocal links! Prepare for extra traffic to your site!!

Please cut and paste into the HTML portion of your site:


After pasting and cuting, I will then add a description of your choosing of your site on mine as well. Make sure this link is visible on your website, then email me and let me know where the link is. I will then review the link and your webpage. If your webpage has info revelant to my site and/or Real Estate in general, your link will be added to my site as a reciprocal link. Links are checked often, manually for verification. Don't forget to email me  to let me know you linked to my site!  Enjoy the extra site traffic!

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